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BrainAlive Founder Wins Nasa Impact Planet Awards

New Delhi, 20th November 2023: Dr Sujit Roy, Co Founder, BrainAlive received NASA IMPACT Planet Award 2023 for his outstanding contribution to the Geospatial AI Foundation Model project. Dr Sujit Roy has over 10 years of experience of R&D in Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience in global research organizations like NASA Impact and University of Manchester.

BrainAlive AI (BAAI) is an AI Engine that leverages data transformation approach to convert raw interaction data into real-time user engagement insights. Through the technology, the insights are evidence based and supported by credible and quantifiable research. BAAI also offers one and only engagement AI solution for e-learning, video conferencing and content platforms to understand audience interest in real time and maximize engagement.

These Nasa Impact Planet awards spotlight exceptional performance of (Interagency Implementation and Advanced Concepts Team) IMPACT members who have excelled and demonstrated a commitment to excellence. The partnership involving NASA and IBM Research has led to the release of NASA’s first open-source geospatial artificial intelligence (AI) foundation model for Earth observation data.

“The release of the HLS Geospatial Foundation Model (HLS Geospatial FM) is a milestone in the application of AI for Earth science. The model has a wide range of potential applications, including tracking changes in land use, monitoring natural disasters, and predicting crop yields. The HLS Geospatial FM is available at Hugging Face, a public repository for open-source machine learning models. AI foundation models for Earth observations present enormous potential to address intricate scientific problems and expedite the broader deployment of AI across diverse applications,” says Dr. Sujit Roy, Co Founder, BrainAlive and the winner of Nasa Impact Planet Awards.

Dr Sujit Roy contributed to the project from NASA’s front and the model was appreciated largely by the community. Also the fine-tuning workflows have been released publicly as open source contributions to the global Earth sciences community through Hugging Face. Development of the HLS Geospatial FM began last year, and the FM was released in August 2023.

With the multi-modality capabilities of BAAI, the business model seamlessly integrates computer vision, language processing and bio-signal analysis to capture the intricate nuances of human interaction. The technology measures and optimizes attention, intent, and engagement across various industries.

BrainAlive goes a step further with its “Engage to Earn” economy which is meant to harness the power of blockchain technology with $BAAI tokens for expediting the evolution of its AI engine. Businesses pay in $BAAI tokens to access insights and product offerings, ensuring the continuous evolution and operation of the AI engine. Further, users get rewarded in $BAAI tokens as an incentive for engaging with BAAI.

With the help of zero knowledge and blockchain users can anonymously share their data and get incentives without revealing any personal information.

BrainAlive has a dedicated team of exceptional data scientists and engineers to make all of this a reality

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