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Gear Head Motors announces its A series, the most affordable E-cycle in the market

Hyderabad, November 20, 2023- Gear Head Motors (GHM) has consistently been a pioneering force in the realm of electric vehicles, and their dedication to cutting-edge domestic technology showcases their pioneering nature. This reputation was solidified when GHM made waves on the set of Shark Tank India, earning the distinction of being India’s first Make in India certified brand. Notably, GHM achieves this through indigenous production for over 80% of vehicle components, a feat that few in the industry can match.

GHM electric vehicles are renowned for their sleek and modern designs, ensuring not only a stylish ride but also a high level of accessibility and comfort for riders. They have rapidly become known for providing convenient transportation options, demonstrating GHM’s commitment to reshaping the electric vehicle industry in India.

In their ongoing pursuit of excellence and affordability, GHM is preparing to shake up the Indian e-cycle market with the imminent launch of the A-Series. Thanks to their continued emphasis on local manufacturing and in-house technological innovations, GHM is substantially reducing their dependence on imports. This unique approach to production has positioned the A-Series as a path-breaking addition to the market, one that promises to be the most affordable electric cycle available. This is excellent news for budget-conscious consumers, who will now have access to high-quality electric cycles at prices that won’t break the bank.

With the A-Series, GHM is at the forefront of the electric revolution poised to transform India’s thriving bicycle industry. Mr. Nikhil Gunda, Co-Founder & CEO – Gear Head Motors says, “Our vision is to transcend the boundaries of affordability within the cycling landscape. We are dedicated to equipping eco-conscious commuters with a trustworthy electric cycle that becomes an integral part of their daily journeys. Our unwavering commitment to providing a budget-friendly option while steering towards localization is exemplified in our upcoming A-Series. It embodies our unwavering dedication to making sustainable mobility accessible to all, weaving together sophistication, affordability, and ecological consciousness into a single, harmonious thread”.

Anticipate the arrival of GHM’s A-Series by the end of December, just in time to illuminate your holiday season with excitement. This launch will not only signify GHM’s commitment to Indian manufacturing but also showcase their dedication to quality technology.

The GHM range of electric cycles caters to diverse segments, from urban commuters seeking practicality to adventure seekers yearning for excitement. In doing so, GHM champions the cause of reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and supporting local communities. Their commitment is to make a positive impact on the environment and society at large, ensuring that each ride is not only enjoyable but also socially and environmentally responsible.

About Gear Head Motors– Gear Head Motors is an innovative EV technology provider based in Hyderabad, India. Since its founding year 2018, the entirely “Made in India” enterprise is dedicated to transforming the transportation industry with cutting-edge products that combine technology, design, and sustainability. GHM’s design vision goes beyond aesthetics. They believe in creating solutions that not only look good but also perform exceptionally well and provide an excellent user experience. Manufacturing 70% of spares in-house, the vehicles are known for their sleek and modern styles, comfortable accessibility, and convenient commute. The company operates on three key principles: their designers craft products with sleek lines, straightforward features, and homegrown technology, ensuring that every aspect serves a purpose and adds to the overall appeal.

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