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Logi-Sys Arena Unveiled: A New Epoch in Global Logistics Innovation Begins

Mumbai, 23th November 2023, In a landmark event that promises to reshape the future of global logistics, Mumbai Port Chairman Rajiv Jalota unveiled the highly anticipated Logi-Sys Arena, coined as The Crucible of Innovation. This pioneering initiative by Softlink Global marks a turning point in the logistics industry, emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and elevation.

Logi-Sys Arena, envisioned by Amit Maheshwari of Softlink Global, emerges not just as a physical space but as a beacon of transformative ideas and innovations. Maheshwari’s vision of a collaborative, incubative, and elevative platform takes physical form in this state-of-the-art facility.

While dedicating the innovation center here in Mumbai, Chairman of Mumbai Port, Rajiv Jalota, said, “This visionary step of Logi Sys Arena promises to elevate not just logistics but the entire business landscape.” Dignitaries from many leading associations, veterans from the trade and new generation logisticians witness this historic launch, expressing optimism about the positive impact Logi-Sys Arena will have on India’s logistics and trade ecosystem.

“The center will serve as a crucible for innovation, providing specialized training sessions, webinars, brainstorming forums, workshops, and mentorship programs. These initiatives are designed to empower professionals to forge solutions that will positively impact the global supply chain.” remarks Amit Maheshwari, founder & CEO of Softlink Global.

Dignitaries and veterans from diverse logistics sectors witnessed this momentous inauguration. Dushyant Mulani, Chairman of the Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations in India (FFFAI), lauded Logi-Sys Arena as a melting pot for thought leaders across logistics, customs compliance, and supply chain management.

Sanjeev Harale, Senior Vice President of Brihanmumbai Custom Brokers Association (BCBA), spoke on the dynamic ecosystem that Logi-Sys Arena promises. It aims to synergize brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies, reshaping the logistics and customs compliance landscape.

Softlink Global’s commitment to driving forward the logistics industry through groundbreaking innovations and collaborations is at the heart of this initiative. The arena is more than a center; it’s a movement towards empowering logistics professionals and businesses, addressing industry challenges, and fostering sustainable growth. 

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