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Acclaimed Retina Surgeon Dr. Shreya Nayak Leads Breakthrough Treatments in Retinal Disorders at Acuravision Clinics

[New Delhi, November 25] – Acuravision Clinic proudly announces that Dr. Shreya Nayak, an esteemed vitreo-retina and uvea specialist, is pioneering advanced treatments in retinal disorders, offering new hope to patients with potentially vision-threatening conditions. Dr. Nayak’s expertise, rooted in her studies at the prestigious Dr. R.P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences at AIIMS, New Delhi, is revolutionizing the approach to conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and myopic macular disorders.

Renowned for her skill and precision, Dr. Nayak employs multimodal imaging and diagnostics, including state-of-the-art OCT-Angiography, to detect subtle vascular changes in the retinal layers. This cutting-edge technology is crucial in diagnosing and managing complex retinal disorders, which, if left untreated, can lead to severe vision loss or blindness.

At the forefront of retinal treatment, Dr. Nayak skillfully administers anti-VEGF injections, including ranibizumab (brands such as Lucentis®, Accentrix®, Razumab®, Ranieyes®, Oceva®), brolucizumab (Pagenax®), and aflibercept (Eylea®). These treatments are vital in preventing vision-threatening damage and saving thousands from the brink of blindness, especially among uncontrolled diabetics who are at high risk of developing severe retinal damage.

“Acuravision Clinic is committed to providing world-class eye care, and Dr. Nayak’s groundbreaking work in retinal treatments is a testament to this commitment,” said Dr. Roop, the clinic’s founder and director. “Her unparalleled expertise in retinal injections, retinal lasers, and minimally invasive vitreo-retinal surgery (MIVS) not only cements her status as a leading expert but also reinforces our clinic’s position as a pioneer in eye health.”

Dr. Nayak has performed many vitrectomy surgeries, a minimally invasive procedure known as MIVS, using cutting-edge machines and equipment. This remarkable achievement is a beacon of hope for patients suffering from severe eye conditions. Under her care, more than 100 cases are managed weekly at the busiest retina clinic in the region of western UP, housed within the Acuravision Clinics Roop Netralaya.

Patients and the medical community recognize Dr. Nayak’s role in shaping the future of retina care. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to her patients’ vision and health makes her not just a surgeon but a guardian of sight.

“We are incredibly proud of Dr. Nayak’s accomplishments and unwavering commitment to her patients,” said Dr Sangeeta, Retina Surgeon at Acuravision Clinics. “Her work is not just saving vision; it’s changing lives.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shreya Nayak at Acuravision Clinic, please contact info.acuravision@gmail.com.

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