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Press note on Human Rights help association Karnataka board meeting Protection of human rights is the duty of all of us

All over the world, caste, religion and color are the causes of hatred among mankind. Knowing the naked truth that all humans have the same hunger, they are writing down human rights for selfish reasons. Many organizations are working for the protection of human rights. They are working tirelessly to create awareness among the people. Inhuman incidents that set humanity on fire are frequent not only in the world but also in our country.

Happening in forms. Sexual harassment of women, atrocities committed for dowry, child marriages of children at an early age, attempts to get rid of a girl after knowing that the one in the womb, begging, fake encounters, etc. These atrocities would have been even worse if it were not for human rights organizations. Human rights organizations play a critical role in fighting human rights abuses and seeking justice for the victims. When attempts are made to write down human rights, people are also outraged.

My message is to fight with sincerity and not join hands with protests and protests when human rights are violated. No matter who the victims of human rights violations are, we all need to fight together regardless of caste and religion. We can take a step forward in this goal only when there is a strong effort to spread awareness among the people about the security and rights provided by the constitution in terms of human rights.

Karnataka State Team

  D Venkatakrishna Reddy

    President of Karnataka State

   P Aruna Devi

   Chairman of Karnataka WC

    Dr. Sonu Singh Bharat

     Founder & President India

    Mohammed Sahill Khan

    National Vice President & Legal Advisor


    Yatendra Kumar

    National Chief Vice President India

    Pooran Sagar

    National Chief Secretary India

   T.M. Vara Prasad

     National Joint Secretary India

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