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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Founder-CEO of Eagle’s Eye Ms. Sanhita Karmakar Attains a Milestone in Excellence and Innovation

Eagle’s Eye, a Kolkata based organisation that has been working in the field of Personality Development, Transformational Coaching through Neuro-linguistic programming and music therapy, Etiquette & Grooming, Pageant Training and Fashion Styling, is standing at the crossroads of international success. Ms. Sanhita Karmakar, the founder and CEO of the organisation is all inspiring with her recent win as the MS. United Nations Charity World 2023. Under her leadership, Eagle’s Eye has also performed as the knowledge partner for NASA Space Apps Challenge 2023, organised by Think Again Lab in the Eastern Zone. This global hackathon was much more than just a regional event and posed greater challenges for Eagle’s Eye.

The Global Nominee winning teams Notitia Dynamics, Space Thinkers, Red Rocket, Wave Warriors and Planetoprime also attended the event to get felicitated by Ms. Sanhita Karmakar along with their mentors Mr. Arijit Hajra, CEO of Think Again Lab, who’s also known as the “Robot Man of India” and Mr. Anirban Dutta, CTO, Industry 4.0 of Think Again Lab.

AGENCIA ESPACIAL MEXICANA, Brazilian Space Agency (AEB/MCTI), European Space Agency (ESA), JAXA, AEP, SANSA, CONAE, ASA, ASI, TUA, CSA, ASC, ISRO, and NSSA lists the impressive league of international collaborators that garnered support to the challenge. Their shared commitment to innovation and knowledge advancement underscores the global pursuit of understanding and exploring the mysteries of the cosmos.

This has deepened the roots of a belief that Eagle’s Eye strongly believes in – that there’s no limitation of age to achieve the heights of success. While tracing the roots of her international success, Ms. Sanhita Karmakar stated, “according to reports and research, 88% of Interpersonal Skill is required as compared to hard skills to breach the pillars of success. Even winning an International Pageantry can’t be conquered without developing Inter-personal Skill.” Being a Techie and Societal Cancer Survivor (Domestic Violence and Marital Rape Survivor) the way that Sanhita Karmakar has transformed herself through Personality Development to achieve these soaring heights, is phenomenal. How every opportunity is around us, waiting to be explored and in the days of technology and AI, how she has used her skills and taken the opportunities to enhance them to gain success is what she effectively talked about, through the press meet.

Eagle’s Eye, in the mentorship of Ms. Sanhita Karmakar has always been a beacon of light for everyone who want to embark upon the path of self-discovery, empowerment, personal growth and excellence. Ms. Karmakar’s personal journey has touched the deepest emotions of hundreds of hearts and have inspired hundreds of lives. The transformative power of her guidance explores the potentials that usually go unnoticed behind the uncertainties that one face. The new crossroads at which Eagle’s Eye, under the leadership of Ms. Sanhita Karmakar stands, will mark a new dawn in the organisation’s unwavering commitment to fostering personal and professional growth.

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