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Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR) Announces National Teachers’ Olympiad To Acknowledge And Elevate Teaching Excellence

28th November 2023, New Delhi: In a noble initiative to celebrate the remarkable teaching talents of India, the Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR), a prominent institution in the field of education, proudly unveils the National Teachers’ Olympiad.

The event is scheduled for December 9th and 10th, offering a unique platform for teachers and aspiring instructors to showcase their pedagogical skills and gain national recognition.

Educators from across the country can participate in this comprehensive online test that evaluates their knowledge and teaching prowess in both English and Hindi. The test is open to in-service teachers, aspiring educators, school principals, heads of departments, teacher trainers, private tutors, former teachers, ed-tech teachers, and education influencers.

With this, they can better understand their strengths and weaknesses and hone their instruction abilities. This inclusive approach ensures a level playing field for all educators, irrespective of their teaching domain. Moreover, teachers and instructors can participate in one or both days of the event to improve their chances of accomplishing a higher rank.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, educators will have to play a crucial role in the holistic development and future-proofing of students. As per the Ministry of Education, the Indian education system comprises over 14.89 lakh schools, over 95 lakh teachers, and almost 26.52 crore students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in pre-primary and higher secondary levels.

In such a scenario, educators must evolve consistently by gauging their capabilities and embracing the latest tools and methodologies for uniform growth of students and enhanced learning outcomes.

The National Teachers’ Olympiad will also offer substantial rewards, including cash prizes, an All India Rank, and a plethora of career growth opportunities. The top-ranking participants will be awarded cash prizes, with the highest achiever receiving Rs 4,00,000 while the second and third rank holders will be awarded Rs 2,00,000 and Rs 1,00,000, respectively.

In addition, the top 20 All India Rank holders will receive a cash award of Rs 25,000 each, while those securing the top 200 and 500 ranks will be presented with cash prizes of Rs 2,000 and Rs 1,000, respectively. As recognition, every participant will receive an All India Rank, a personalised competency report, and a rank improvement plan.

The participants will also receive exclusive benefits such as free access to a self-paced learning course offered by STTAR, a detailed knowledge report on the “21st Century Framework for Teachers,” and the prestigious ‘’STTAR Certificate of Excellence’’ in association with Global Education Futures and The Weaving Lab.

”Proficient educators are the foundation of a strong and prosperous society. In this regard, the National Teachers’ Olympiad is a tribute to the contributions of our teachers, providing them with the opportunity to demonstrate, foster and receive acclaim for their talent. The distinctive initiative comes as a testament to our commitment to promoting teaching excellence and making India the Vishwa Guru, a global leader in education and knowledge dissemination on the world map,” said Sushma Raturi, Member Secretary, Academic Council, STTAR.

How to Register

Interested educators can register and find more information about the Olympiad at https://nto.sttar.in/.

About Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR)

Saamarthya Teachers Training Academy of Research (STTAR) is a premier teachers’ training academy that is transforming the educational landscape with active engagement in five verticals: teacher training, curriculum development, research, school enrichment programmes and teacher competence testing.

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