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Home Sweet Home? The Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

New Delhi, Tuesday, November 28, 2023: SPAN FLOORS, a leading brand of wooden flooring in India and a foremost provider of premium flooring solutions, explains while everyone is aware of pollution that we face outdoors, particularly, the situation in Delhi-NCR, there is another thing that needs our attention and is of equal importance.

As a citizen of this planet, it is one of our basic rights, to be able to live in a pollution free environment, having access to chemical free food and water. These are just pure basics that anyone should have access to. Thanks to the media, there is a lot of attention on environmental pollution as well as our food supplies and as a consequence, one can see people getting more and more aware about these issues. However, there is an extremely important issue that needs our immediate attention. And that is “Indoor Air Quality”.

We automatically somehow feel safe when we get inside our homes from the maddening pollution outside. While it is not the aim of this article to give you one more thing to worry about, it is definitely the aim to help you confront the issue that is there with actionable points that one could apply to improve the situation. So coming straight to the point, the indoor air quality that is generally present in our homes can also be a mix of not so great chemicals which are now known to have negative effects on our mind and body. Chemical compounds can leach out of your paint, polish, composite panels including wood and WPC, vinyl products, household cleaners including floor cleaners, utensil cleaners, cloth washing cleaners, cosmetics etc. One can do some basic research over the internet and can get plenty of data about it. All these combined create a potent cocktail of chemicals that are released into indoor air that we breathe. 

The impacts are various. The problem is compounded when we eat food that is laced with further chemicals. These of course create issues with the body which once again are treated using even more chemicals and drugs. Is there a way out? One could easily go into an apathy given the situation and be lulled into giving up completely. But there are simple ways that one can do something about it. Start with searching for products that have  better compositions with lower chemical emissions. Choose a paint that has low or zero VOC (chemicals that can come out of the products and get into the indoor air) components. Ask for plywood and other panel products which have 3rd party certifications about their emission levels. Search for household cleaners, cosmetics that are free of harmful chemicals. 

Today, fortunately, with growing awareness about these issues and the impact of harmful chemicals, a lot of above low impact products are available on the market. The question is, are we searching about them? 

About SPAN FLOORS: SPAN FLOORS is a specialist brand name that carries a guarantee of exceptional quality, value, and extraordinary service and a trendsetter in the Indian designer wooden flooring industry. Established in 1995 with over 20 years of experience in wood floors alone, SPAN FLOORS has developed unique, specialized capabilities of providing high-quality wooden floorings and facades to its clients. All floorings, decks and facades are sourced from leading manufacturers around the globe. Backed by years of industry experience and leading technology, SPAN FLOORS offer the finest high-end floors available in today’s marketplace.


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