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Sampoorna Nuts Unveils Culinary Marvel “Al Khulus” at World Food India Expo with Prime Minister Modi

In a dazzling display of gastronomic opulence, Sampoorna Nuts, a leading cashew nut powerhouse based in India, took the spotlight at the illustrious World Food India Expo from November 3rd to 5th, graced by none other than the charismatic Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Amidst the grandeur of the occasion, Sampoorna Nuts unleashed its latest culinary masterpiece – the Ultra Luxury Brand, “Al Khulus,” redefining indulgence in the world of dry fruits.

Prime Minister Modi’s Flavourful Inauguration:

Imagine the aromatic allure of naturally infused dry fruits, the delicate crunch of premium cashew nuts, and the sweetness of raisins, all encapsulated in one luxurious brand. “Al Khulus” was unveiled by Prime Minister Modi himself, adding a touch of regality to the already opulent affair.

Decadence in Every Bite:

Beyond the standard fare, “Al Khulus” offers eight tantalising variations of cashew nuts and raisins, each enveloped in four distinct packaging styles that redefine luxury. Whether you’re seeking a personal moment of bliss or an exquisite gift for the festivities, Sampoorna Nuts’ latest creation promises decadence in every bite.

A Global Palate:

“Al Khulus” isn’t just a local sensation – it’s a global affair. With registrations secured in both India and the UAE, this culinary masterpiece is set to tantalise taste buds worldwide. Sampoorna Nuts aims not just for growth but for global dominance in the premium dry fruit market.

Insights from the Visionary Founder:

During the expo, Yashvardhan Goel, the visionary founder of Sampoorna Nuts, shared captivating insights into the industry’s vast landscape. He highlighted the surging demand for both raw and flavoured cashew nuts, crediting Prime Minister Modi’s leadership for propelling the market to new heights.

Beyond Nuts, A Visionary Journey:

As Sampoorna Nuts continues to revolutionise the cashew nut industry, “Al Khulus” emerges as a symbol of their commitment to quality, innovation, and a global culinary experience. With the Prime Minister’s vision as a guiding force, Sampoorna Nuts anticipates a future where every bite is not just a celebration but a journey into luxury and natural goodness.

*Indulge in the Extravagance of “Al Khulus” – Where Opulence Meets Natural Goodness!*

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