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Process9 Unleashes Next-Generation Translation Innovation with SmaRT

Delhi: 06th Dec, 2023: Process9, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence and machine learning, proudly introduces SmaRT, a groundbreaking NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology that promises unprecedented cost savings and elevated translation quality.

Revolutionising Translation Economics

Process9’s years of dedicated research in AI/ML, coupled with the expertise of its software and data science team, have culminated in a cutting-edge NLP technology—SmaRT. This innovation empowers Process9 to deliver substantial cost savings to its customers for translating high-volume content. The unique capability of SmaRT ensures that customers receive top-tier translations at significantly lower prices, marking a paradigm shift in translation economics.

SmaRT translation is the result of extensive research and development by Process9’s software and data science team, combined with the seasoned leadership’s years of domain experience. This fusion of expertise has propelled the world of content translation into a new era, not only for Indian languages but also for over 40 international languages.

Process9 SmaRT is poised to catalyse explosive growth in the availability of Indian languages content while also facilitating the seamless translation of Indian languages content into English and other international languages. This innovation opens new avenues for Indian media companies to publish content in a multitude of languages at a fraction of the cost. Businesses can now effortlessly promote their products and deliver services on a global scale.

“Process9 SmaRT is a game-changer. It not only redefines the economics of content translation but also acts as a catalyst for the global expansion of multilingual content online.,” says Vidushi Kapoor, CEO, Process9.

About Process9

Process9 has been at the forefront of NLP technology, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in language translation. With a team deeply rooted in innovation and excellence, Process9 remains dedicated to bridging language gaps and fostering global communication.

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