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The Great Indian IP Feast 2.0: A Culmination of Creativity, Innovation, and Intellectual Prowess

In the heart of New Delhi, the intellectual capital of India, the curtains were drawn on December 2, 2023, at Gallery 1AQ for the second edition of The Great Indian IP Feast. Hosted by Safir Anand, a distinguished Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) lawyer and Senior Partner at Anand & Anand, the event was a celebration of India’s intellectual prowess, focusing on the journey from ideas to brands through craftsmanship and innovation.

“The Great Indian IP Feast is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the creativity that defines India and a recognition of the incredible journey from ideas to intellectual properties,” remarked Safir Anand, encapsulating the spirit of the occasion.

The evening was a testament to India’s diverse creative landscape, featuring a curated selection of brands that have transformed Great Indian Ideas into Great Indian Brands. The likes of the Partition Museum, B77 (sustainable clothing brand), Maison De Fouzdar Parfumés, and Hi Life Wellness (personal care brand), along with Art Magnum, took centre stage, offering attendees a unique and immersive experience.

A series of engaging panel discussions added depth to the event, exploring topics ranging from building brands through IP, the intersection of food and IP, the significance of IP in preserving heritage, and a thought-provoking discussion on IP and Technology. The latter featured industry leaders from OLA Electric, BluSmart, and NEC, providing valuable insights into the intersection of innovation and intellectual property within the technology sector.

A significant aspect of the Great Indian IP Feast was its focus on start-ups pushing the boundaries on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). Over 30 start-ups showcased how they are expanding intellectual properties in novel ways, creating musical logos, reinventing consumption patterns for products like tomato ketchup, and innovating in various niche areas.

The event emphasized the importance of not only creating new intellectual properties but also preserving them. The Partition Museum stood as an institution dedicated to preserving works related to the partition of 1947 and generating new ones. Lady Kishwar Desai, the Chairperson of the trust managing the Partition Museum, emphasized the importance of recording oral histories to ensure that the stories are not forgotten.

While the event celebrated innovation and creativity, it also delved into the challenges of protecting intellectual property in India. Start-up founders shared their experiences, acknowledging the difficulty of safeguarding their work from plagiarism. The discussion highlighted the need for more robust mechanisms to protect intellectual property rights.

Safir Anand, the driving force behind The Great Indian IP Feast, expressed his vision of taking this celebration to every city in India, making it a nationwide recognition of India’s diverse and innovative contributions to the world. The event’s success has set the stage for a continued dialogue on intellectual property, innovation, and the challenges faced by creators in the dynamic landscape of India.

In conclusion, The Great Indian IP Feast 2.0 was not just a celebration of ideas and innovation; it was a reflection of India’s evolving creative landscape. As the event continues to grow and evolve, it promises to be a beacon for intellectual excellence and a platform for the exchange of ideas that will shape the future of intellectual property in India.

Event Organized by Valinus Event

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