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Top 10 Business Men Of The Year 2023 by The Indian Alert

The Indian Alert, a renowned platform known for its dedication to delivering timely and accurate news, proudly presents the highly anticipated list of the Top 10 Business Men of The Year 2023 in association with Digisharks Communications. This collaboration signifies a merging of two powerhouses committed to amplifying the voices and achievements of extraordinary women who have made indelible marks on various fields.

1.Ankit Aditya Pradhan – Chairman & Managing Director of Viraaj Ventures :
When Mr. Ankit Aditya Pradhan founded Viraaj Ventures, few envisioned it would be a known name across sectors in just under a decade.  Today, Viraaj Ventures operates over fourteen group companies in infrastructure, real estate, structural engineering, IT & digital marketing, wealth management, and business advisory services. It includes one of India’s most trusted real estate brands, Realty Assistant Pvt. Ltd., with Mr. Pradhan as the CEO.  Trust establishment forms the core of the Viraaj preamble centred on not just competing but setting standards. Beyond business, social activism furthering inclusive community development runs through the entire Viraaj family.

2.Chetan Sharma – Founder of Edumate.tv : Chetan Sharma embodies the epitome of a media luminary and entrepreneurial virtuoso. Spanning media, education, and entrepreneurship, he educates aspirants for professional readiness and counsels entrepreneurs in building enduring brands. With a distinguished career across top national channels and global networks, Chetan interviewed prominent figures, including Narendra Modi, Warren Buffet, and Aishwarya Rai. As an adept entrepreneur, his transformative journey includes scaling businesses and investing in diverse sectors like media , finance, education and global trade. A certified leadership coach, he mentors diverse professionals, crafting individual success stories. Beyond his ventures, Chetan’s altruism shines through his philanthropic endeavors, advocating palliative care and championing education for underprivileged children.

3.Yash Suryavanshi – CEO & Founder of Technocyber Finance Consultancy: Yash Suryavanshi, a name that resonates with financial acumen, political engagement, and social responsibility, has carved a unique path for himself. Born on August 30, 2003, in the remote village of Chiplun, Maharashtra, Yash’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned Financial Consultant and Philanthropist is nothing short of inspiring. His remarkable expertise in investing, trading strategies, leadership skills, and unwavering commitment to social work have earned him a distinguished place in the world of finance and beyond. Mr.Yash Suryavanshi crossed the net worth of 8 crore rupees in his 20’s

4.Nachiketa Tuteja – Co-Founder of Forisca Kosmetics Lane Pvt. Ltd : Nachiketa Tuteja, a seasoned hospitality professional, boasts over 12 years’ experience across 12 countries, specializing in pioneering sustainability within the industry. He led Six Senses in Oman to an astounding 80% waste reduction in just a year, earning recognition at the Middle East Waste and Recycling Awards. Identifying a gap where luxury hotels heavily relied on cheap plastic supplies, Nachiketa co-founded Forisca, disrupting the guest supplies and OSE industry. This eco-friendly amenities brand produces high-end, sustainable goods for ultra-luxury accommodations, aiming to eliminate single-use plastics without inflating costs for hotels. Forisca, driven by frugal innovations, sustainable R&D, and a social mission, empowers local communities. Nachiketa’s leadership has steered 300% year-on-year growth, propelling the company to an 8-digit monthly revenue. Their imminent entry into the retail market promises accessibility to high-end eco-friendly products.

5.Shiv Gangwani – Co-Founder of Forisca Kosmetics Lane Pvt. Ltd : Shiv Gangwani, a visionary in product innovation, co-founded Forisca after earning his MBA. With a focus on disrupting hospitality amenities, Forisca crafts eco-friendly, high-end products for luxury establishments. Sustainability is their ethos, promoting plastic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free goods, each with a meaningful story. Shiv ensures a holistic approach to development, meticulously studying product lifecycles for a reduced environmental impact. He champions impactful growth, not just for the company but also for its employees, empowering local communities and women through employment. Under Shiv’s guidance, Forisca thrives, offering unique, luxurious, and sustainable items competitively. Their footprint spans prime markets like Maldives, UAE, Europe, and more. Responding to global demand, Forisca prepares to enter the retail market, making their products accessible worldwide.

6.Dr Sanjay Agarwal – Director of Advanced Dental & Root Canal Treatment Centre :Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, an eminent dental professional, holds an MDS and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, making him a luminary in Dentistry. His remarkable contributions earned him the prestigious “Bharat Jyoti Award” and an Excellence certificate for his invaluable service to Dentistry in the nation. With over 27 years of practice, he collaborates with his wife, Dr. Priti Agarwal, a recipient of the Bharat Gaurav award and several other accolades. A fellow of the Royal Society of Health, U.K., Dr. Sanjay is affiliated with esteemed institutions such as Indian Airlines and Fosma Maritime Institute. His expertise spans various domains, evident through associations with leading organizations like IDA, F.O.D.I, I.A.A.C.D, and A.O.I. As a visiting consultant Endodontist and Dental Surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Medical Centre for over 4 years, his dedication has left an indelible mark, shaping modern dentistry’s landscape, inspiring peers and budding professionals. Both practitioners operate from Green Park Extension, N. Delhi, enriching dental care through their commitment and expertise.

7.Nishant Patel-Founder & CTO of Contentstack : Nishant Patel, Founder & CTO at Contentstack, holds a B.S. in Computer Science from The Ohio State University. Transitioning from a senior architect at TIBCO Software, he spearheaded cloud-native and SaaS technologies’ entry. With 22+ years of adeptness, Nishant excels in tackling intricate tech and cloud integration challenges for top-tier enterprises. Renowned as a trusted advisor, he serves Fortune 500 clients, earning esteem for his expertise. Contentstack, a premier Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provider, revolutionizes digital experiences for marketers and developers. Trusted by major brands like ASICS, McDonald’s, Riot Games etc. Contentstack’s headless CMS drives crucial content experiences with unparalleled scalability. A founding member of the MACH Alliance, Contentstack pioneers open, Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless technology.

8.Mr. Subharun Pal – Multidisciplinary Leader and Independent Business Strategy Consultant
: Subharun Pal, an academic luminary, is a visionary leader and versatile consultant in business strategy, driven by a fervent quest for knowledge and innovation. His extensive research, published in esteemed journals across diverse fields, underscores his dedication to advancing collective understanding. Participation in global conferences facilitated vibrant knowledge exchange among scholars, fostering insightful dialogues. Holding patents in India and the UK, Subharun embodies innovation, honored with numerous awards for professional excellence. A prolific author of authoritative books and chapters, his educational journey from premier institutions worldwide shaped his scholarly prowess. Recognized by renowned global entities and specialized institutions, his work’s diverse impact resonates across sectors, validating his pursuit of excellence and innovation in academia and beyond.

9.Pankaj Vats – Founder & Business Coach of Business Atoms :
Pankaj Vats, a luminary in business effectiveness coaching, draws upon 20+ years in finance and startups in New Delhi. As a Business Effectiveness Coach, he empowers MSMEs, fine-tunes workflows, ensuring goal achievement without compromising quality or cost-effectiveness. Guiding leaders, Pankaj employs cross-functional strategies for operational and financial efficiency, prioritizing goal-driven approaches within deadlines. His focus on precise goal-setting and workplace automation optimizes tasks, delivering specialized outcomes. In today’s competitive landscape, Pankaj advocates sustainability via value-centric methods. He champions visionary leadership, capable teams, and streamlined operations for organizational success. With diverse experience spanning Hospitality, Print Media, Aviation, and more, Pankaj offers profound insights. Through “Business Atoms,” he supports startups with crucial services. Pankaj’s commitment to learning, showcased by multiple degrees, reflects his dedication. Honored with Excellence, Leadership, and Educationist awards, reach out at pv@businessatoms.in for his expertise.

10.Gangesh Pathak – Co-Founder of Saletancy.com & Koolkoders.com : Gangesh Pathak, co-founder of Saletancy.com  and Koolkoders.com, has emerged as a driving force in the business world.From humble beginnings in college to a multimillion-dollar success story, Gangesh’s journey is truly remarkable. Bootstrapping Saletancy, he navigated challenges and transformed it into a global sales and marketing powerhouse. Koolkoders, his latest venture, connects companies with top-notch remote tech talent in India.Today, he stands as a beacon of entrepreneurship, proving that dreams can turn into reality. In a world filled with challenges, Gangesh’s unbeatable commitment and persistent determination demonstrate that resilience is the key to entrepreneurial success.

Source Link : The Indian Alert

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