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Bobba Group Announces Flexible Pay-As-You-Store Storage Option for Businesses

Bobba Group India’s leading logistics company and a pioneer in the airport cargo terminal handling services today launched pay as you store service to help businesses with their storage needs.

“Pay-As-You-Store,” is a game-changing concept that offers customers unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness in managing their businesses storage needs. It doesn’t matter if your business is looking for storage for 1 day , 2 days, a week or a month. Bobba Logistics will help your business with storage irrespective of the time frame you are looking to store your goods for. The Bobba Logistics cold zone has a 452-pallet capacity. It is a powerful cold chain management system with value-added services, processing and packaging technologies. The cold chain management solution has been designed to quickly identify temperature anomalies and reduce the likelihood of unwanted setbacks, thus optimizing operational output.

Mr. V. S. Bobba, Director, Bobba Group said “We are thrilled to introduce Pay-As-You-Store to the market. Our mission is to transform the storage industry by offering a cost-effective, adaptable, and customer-focused solution. Customers pay only for the space they use with our dynamic pricing system, guaranteeing they receive the best deal for their storage requirements.”

Mrs Durga Bobba, Director, Bobba Group said “By embracing our pay-as-you-store model, businesses can optimize their supply chain, reduce overhead costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency. Bobba Logistics remains committed to delivering seamless, on-demand logistics solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic market environment.”.

Chandrakala Bobba, Director, Bobba Group said “Launching Bobba Logistics ground-breaking service solution gives us great pride. We have established a pay-as-you-store service, so even if you just need to store for a single day, we will still take care of you and spare you the hassle of looking for a storage facility, in close proximity to the airport and roads. Pay as you store is essential as the holiday shopping season draws near. Therefore, whether you require 1 crate or 10 crates, with availability for a day, a week, or a month, we will offer you smart storage and on-demand warehousing solutions.”

Balajee Bobba, Director, Bobba Group “Pay-As-You-Store redefines the traditional self-storage model by allowing customers to pay only for the storage space they use. This revolutionary approach makes self-storage accessible to even small businesses looking for a flexible and cost-efficient solution for inventory management. With Pay-As-You-Store, businesses gain the flexibility to scale their storage requirements up or down based on fluctuations in demand, seasonal variations, or other dynamic factors.”

In an era of convenience and flexibility, the logistics industry is embracing a groundbreaking innovation that is set to transform the way businesses store their goods and produce. Bobba Logistics is conveniently located in the city limits, which makes it easier to access key transportation hubs, streamline delivery processes, and efficiently serve our clients. Our strategic location ensures swift and reliable logistics solutions, reducing transit times and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

About Bobba Group:

With a presence of over 30 years, and a team of over 500 employees, Bobba Group has been built on its core values of efficiency, honesty, trust and commitment. The group has interests in aviation, airport cargo terminal handling, ground ramp, warehousing and logistics.

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