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India’s 1st Pro-Consumer Cinematography Drone by Pixella, Wings to Wedding Dreams in Magical Bollywood Style

 India’s 1st Make in India, Pro -Consumer Cinematography Drone by Pixella

As the vibrant saga of Indian #weddings continue to unfurl with opulence and grandeur, a remarkable connection is emerging between the age-old traditions of celebration and the technology of the future. The #Indian wedding industry, already a juggernaut, is now soaring to new heights with the seamless integration of drone technology making moments, and memories magical and unique

In the last three months alone, over 32 lakh weddings have been solemnized in India, reflecting an estimated expenditure of a whopping 3.75 lakh crores. This #celebration extravaganza, often lasting several days, has become a spectacle of color, glitter, and love, positioning the Indian wedding industry as the fourth-largest industry in the country, trailing only behind energy, banking, and insurance.

The Great Indian #Wedding is increasingly incomplete without a drone to capture the special moments, underlining the pivotal role of #unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in modern-day celebrations. #Drones have become indispensable for capturing breathtaking aerial views, creating cinematic memories, and adding an unparalleled dimension to wedding #cinematography. #Destination weddings, #pre-wedding shoots, and aspirations to see themselves like #Bollywood stars are making use of consumer drones very popular among wedding couples and their families.

Amidst this celebratory season, #Pixella Pvt Ltd, a stealth startup and MSME based in New Delhi is gearing up to launch India’s 1st Make in India Pro-consumer cinematography #drone for #aerial cinematography. Founded in 2019 by Mr. Peeyush Kumar, an alumnus of IIM-C and part of IIT-K, Pixella envisions becoming #Aaatmanirbhar by developing and manufacturing drones #indigenously.

Pixella’s consumer drones, set to debut in early 2024, are designed with a focus on professional 4K video quality and low-light shooting. Targeted at wedding cinematographers, #filmmakers, vloggers, and more, these highly portable drones aim to revolutionize the way special moments are captured. The company has ambitious plans, projecting revenue of Rs 1000 Cr in the first three years and is eyeing expansion into #FPV and #agriculture drone segments in future.      


As the drone industry in India takes flight, challenges and gaps emerge. Foreign drones continue to infiltrate the market despite a clear government ban on their imports. While the ban is intended to boost domestic manufacturing, the demand for drones, both for commercial and especially consumer use, is leading people back again to illegal purchase due to no option available from any Indian company that can compete with international brands and their products.

There is a big gap between demand and supply especially in the consumer drone segment. This is where #Pixella will play an important role by offering #Make in India, a pro-consumer cinematography drone that can compete with performance and features with foreign competition.

Pixella Pvt Ltd recognizes the importance of addressing this gap. The company emphasizes its commitment to compliance with all the DGCA rules, ensuring proper #GST bills, UIN, warranty support, and strict adherence to the #regulations governing the drone industry. Pixella stands as a beacon of responsibility and innovation in an industry that is poised for exponential growth.

The government’s vision to make India a global #dronehub by 2030 is apparent in initiatives like PLI (Production linked Incentive), New Liberalised drone rules, #Kisandrone initiative, #Gatishakti scheme, #Svamitva digital mapping scheme, #Nhai monitoring scheme, #NamoDroneDidi, #Lakhpati didiyojna, ban on import of drones and its kits to promote local manufacturing. Recent appeal by our PM Shri Narendra Modi, to “WED IN INDIA”, will further act as catalyst in Pro-Consumer Cinematography drone demand, in fact in many ways GOVT is acting like a market maker and all indicators are positive.

As per Peeyush Kumar, CEO & President, Pixella, “from here on there is only forward and progressive going journey in terms of regulations and policies for the drone industry and it is the best and right time to build business. He further states that, Indian Drone Industry will be more than 50 billion US$ by 2030 and the consumer drone segment will contribute almost 20-22% of that. He understands that there are many applications for Drones which even today are not discovered and in future will open up promising opportunities for society.”

The soaring aspirations of both the Indian wedding and drone industries, the synergies between traditions, celebrations, emotions, joy, timeless precious memories, and technology becomes undeniable. The grand union of technology in the skies and celebrations at the ground promises a future where every special moment is not just experienced but also captured with the pro- filmmaking quality that drone technology offers leading to altogether unique visual perspectives.

Pixella Pvt Ltd, with its innovative approach and commitment to indigenously developed drones, stands at the forefront of this transformative journey and is expected to set new benchmark in the industry.  As the company gears up for its much-anticipated launch in the first quarter of 2024, It is shared by the company that, Pixella drones will be initially available in the top six metros and later across India through a robust network of 28 distributors and 300 retailers and will be supported through active after sales service network. The Pre -Booking for Drones is expected to open soon in 2024. The skies above Indian celebrations are poised to be adorned with the magic of Pixella Drones & infinite creative possibilities in aerial cinematography. Wings of Glory to #aatmanirbharbharat.

For more information on Pixella Drones pls click the link > https://youtu.be/BlggOCGejYw?si=UZBHqTQUrWBHhfsl

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