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Madhavgarh Farm: Thrilling Picnic Experience Amidst Aravali Range

Madhavgarh Farm, located in the outskirts of Delhi in Gurgaon. It is the go to destination for a thrilling and cultural picnic experience. One not only gets to enjoy the adventurous activities but also experience the true essence of rural cultural life. It is a unique space providing a great escape from the chaotic bustling life of the city and for exciting exposure to nature, culture and lifestyle of rural India. The idea of Madhavgarh Farm is to provide a spack for all age groups as a theme park in Gurgaon.

Madhavgarh is spread over acres of land enriched with lush greenery making it no less than a perfect setting for visitors looking for tranquility. It is a verdant adventure park cum resort flourished with vibrant gardens creating an adequate place for enjoyment and relaxation.

There are several immersive activities at this village theme park to take part in and enjoy. Some of the traditional ones are as mentioned below:

  1. Bird and Animal Feeding
  2. Agriculture
  3. Dairy and Farming
  4. Pottery making & Painting
  5. Charkha
  6. Chakki
  7. Charkha & Chakki
  8. Massage
  9. Tube Well Bath
  10. Mud Bath
  11. Bullock Cart Ride
  12. Tractor Ride
  13. Camel Cart Ride
  14. Lakarbugga Ride
  15. Mehandi
  16. Rajasthani Performances
  17. Puppet Show
  18. Cultural Costume for Guests

These activities are specially designed to help you experience the daily activities, lifestyle, working of a villager within a time span of a day or two days as you can choose to stay in the Madhavgarh Farmhouse in Gurgaon.


Madhavgarh Farm offers a variety of engagements to enjoy, plus it is not only a great spot for picnics for tourists but also one of the best resorts in Gurgaon. There are Rajasthani folk dance performances which offer a glimpse into the authentic charm of rural Indian life. You can enjoy these performances after relaxing and freshening up for a while in your resort accommodation.

All the accommodation options are based on the theme of a village thus the walls, furniture, design, interior are similar to traditional rural homes while also being equipped with all the required modern amenities for your comfort. 


Madhavgarh Farm has a large and spacious hall to accommodate large gatherings at once to enjoy food. Here, we serve different types of North Indian cuisines focusing on authenticity of Rajasthan and Haryana. We provide various meals with unending variety to choose from. The food is prepared from fresh organic ingredients and vegetables sourced directly from the local farm. Madhavgarh ensures that the food served to its guests is healthy and hygienic which is prepared by the experienced chefs.

Adventure Activities

Apart from rural and traditional activities there are many adventurous activities available at Madhavgarh Farm. This is because regardless of whether you want to have a serene experience or a thrilling one, we cater to diverse needs of all. Some of the adventurous activities at Madhavgarh Farm are mentioned below:

  1. Zip Line
  2. Rope Climbing
  3. 25-Course Aerial Adventure Park
  4. Woody Wave
  5. Cat Walk
  6. Commando Net
  7. Burma Bridge
  8. Tarzan Swing
  9. Rock Climbing and Rappelling Wall
  10. Highest Commando Net

Madhavgarh Farm’s adventure park in Gurgaon also offers water fun activities. These include short water slides along with rain dance showers and swimming pools. There are separate swimming pools for adults and kids to ensure the safety of the guests.


Games At Madhavgarh Farm

The list does not end here, there are still a lot of games left that you can explore at Madhavgarh Farm. You can play these games for your enjoyment or compete with your friends and family, to check who scores the highest. Some of these games are mentioned below:

  1. Kho-Kho
  2. Sack Race
  3. Ludo
  4. Chess
  5. Carrom
  6. Kabaddi
  7. Archery
  8. Dart
  9. Gulel
  10. Kushti
  11. Latto
  12. Trampoline
  13. Badminton
  14. Volleyball
  15. Confined Soccer
  16. Cricket
  17. Tug of War
  18. Basketball

Thus it is a great place for weekend getaways from Delhi for families, friends, corporate colleagues, school students for a picnic, kitty party, events, outings, birthday party, anniversary party etc. With such a long list of activities there is something for people of all age groups.

For school going students, it is one of the most adventurous picnic spots in Gurgaon since it has so many games and activities which students can enjoy. Also professional instructors are provided with every small group to ensure safety when students take part in the activities.

For Corporate Groups, it is one of the most go-to places in Delhi-NCR as we provide professional instructors for an organized outing focusing on Team-building, bonding, competitive activities along with adventure, rides and fun. Madhavgarh offers corporates to engage, have experience and create memories which makes it the best place for corporate outing in Delhi-NCR.


Madhavgarh Farm offers everything at one place. Along with all the fun and food you also get to dance at the beats of the DJ. You can groove on the dance floor or have a pool party. Thus you get the whole package to enjoy with your loved ones.


The entire space of Madhavgarh Farm is fully wheelchair accessible which makes it extremely inclusive and enjoyable by keeping in mind the requirements of all guests. 

Event Venue

With its tranquil ambiance and scenic beauty, Madhavgarh Farm is not just a getaway; it’s also an ideal venue for weddings, corporate events, and family celebrations. The farm provides a serene yet vibrant setting for special occasions like birthday parties and ceremonies, ensuring lasting memories. Madhavgarh Farm offers a wide space with lush greenery to organize these events by making them personalized as per the guest/organizer’s preference.

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