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MicrobioTx launches India’s first Hyper-Personalised Probiotic on World Microbiome Day

27 June 2024  MicrobioTx, a Bengaluru based gut health startup, announced the launch of two unique offerings on this World Microbiome Day 2024. Today they introduced Personal Probiotics, India’s first prebiotic and probiotic blend handcrafted based on individual gut profile, and GutChat, a free gut health focused chatbot for gut health enthusiasts. This delivers important advancements in how technology can enable the democratization of microbiome information for personal wellness.

It is estimated that 1 out of every four individuals in urban India suffers from gut-related issues. The key factors causing the conditions include inadequate fiber intake, irregular eating habits, low water intake, stress, and consumption of processed, fatty and oily food. There is a wide range of probiotics for users to choose from. However, these are all standardized, and it’s difficult to bet which would work best for an individual. On the other handpersonal probiotics are hand-crafted based on the results of a unique, patent-protected and clinically proven gut microbiome test for the individual.

Their solution is powered by over 15 years of microbiome and probiotics research by Dr Palok Aich, Dean R&D and Professor at NISER Bhubaneswar. “We are so excited to see the evolution of science to the stage that it can now be availed by anyone outside research labs.” added Dr Aich, a globally recognized microbiome researcher.“ This is just the beginning. Because you rely on your gut every minute of every day, we want to equip people with the best options to help support their gut health with probiotics based solutions. Probiotics can be a game changer in keeping us healthy like modern day penicillin without any significant adversities.”

MicrobioTx has entered into collaborations with partners like Alyve Health, Bridge Health and Biomylz to expand awareness and availability of personalized, affordable and accessible gut health solutions. “We aspire to be the global leader in the science of probiotics, and we believe in taking a personalised approach to gut health. With this launch, we are furthering our commitment to provide hyper-personalized wellness solutions to improve individual well-being based on the latest scientific advancements. GutChat, first of it’s kind chatbot that answers users queries related to food’s impact on the microbiome by browsing close to 1000+ published articles, is also a step in this direction”, shared Akanksha Gupta, co-founder of MicrobioTx, while talking about the product launch.

They also recently raised funding by Axilor Ventures for product R&D, expanding production capacity, and building a sales engine. Nidhi Mathur, Venture Partner at Axilor, said, “With the rise in lifestyle related disorders and the need to focus on overall wellness instead of treating illness alone, restoring gut health is fast emerging as a crucial intervention for achieving holistic health. MicrobioTx founding team combines deep scientific expertise with entrepreneurial acumen, ensuring both innovative solutions and strategic business growth. We are excited to support them as they strive to contribute to building a healthier future for us.”

Website: www.microbiotx.com

About MicrobioTx: MicrobioTx Health is aiming to bring gut and microbiome related science to improve health outcomes for a wide range of chronic disorders. Their innovation aims to take a data driven approach to make microbiome related science hyper-personalised, 10x more affordable and accessible.

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