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Michaung Cyclone: Over thirty planes were rerouted from Chennai to Bengaluru

<p>Due to severe weather, flights to Chennai, Tirupati, and Vijayawada were delayed and canceled.<br />
More than 30 planes are allegedly diverted to Bengaluru airport as Cyclone “Michaung” causes intense rains to batter Chennai and other surrounding districts. Images on the internet depict the Chennai airport’s runways being flooded with water, causing delays in operations.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-295660″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/theindiaprint.com-michaung-cyclone-over-thirty-planes-were-rerouted-from-chennai-to-bengaluru-downlo.jpg” alt=”theindiaprint.com michaung cyclone over thirty planes were rerouted from chennai to bengaluru downlo” width=”754″ height=”422″ title=”Michaung Cyclone: Over thirty planes were rerouted from Chennai to Bengaluru 3″ srcset=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/theindiaprint.com-michaung-cyclone-over-thirty-planes-were-rerouted-from-chennai-to-bengaluru-downlo.jpg 300w, https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/theindiaprint.com-michaung-cyclone-over-thirty-planes-were-rerouted-from-chennai-to-bengaluru-downlo-150×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 754px) 100vw, 754px” /></p>
<p>Michaung Cyclone: Over thirty planes were rerouted from Chennai to Bengaluru.(Reuters)</p>
<p>Both local and foreign airlines that were scheduled to land at Chennai Airport have had their planes diverted. The customers have already been informed by all airlines of the diversions due to the devastating effect of Hurricane Michaung on Monday.</p>
<p>Due to the severe weather in the area, flights from Bengaluru to Chennai, Tirupati, and Vijayawada were delayed and some of them were canceled. “Scheduled departures from BLR Airport to Chennai (MAA), Tirupati (TIR), and Vijayawada (VGA) are experiencing delays or cancellations due to adverse weather conditions in the region and the temporary closure for arrival operations at Chennai Airport on December 4, 2023,” the Bengaluru airport management said in an announcement. For notifications and updates, passengers are kindly asked to check with their individual carriers.</p>
<p>At least 12 domestic outbound services, including those to Ahmedabad and Thiruvananthapuram, were reportedly canceled in Chennai, according to PTI.</p>
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<p>A private airline also canceled four overseas routes, including ones to Dubai and Sri Lanka, the news agency said, citing unnamed authorities.</p>
<p>By December 5 in the afternoon, the storm is predicted to make landfall in the west central Bay of Bengal along the beaches of south Andhra Pradesh and north Tamil Nadu.</p>
<p>The cyclonic storm is now over the Southwest Bay of Bengal, but by Monday afternoon, it is expected to continue moving northwest, develop even more, and approach the West Central Bay of Bengal near the beaches of South Andhra Pradesh and the neighboring state of North Tamil Nadu.</p>
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